Exclusive Christian Greetings/Sentiments for Cards, Crafts & Giftware:

The 'Exclusive Greetings' & 'Exclusive Christian Sentiments' are Christian greetings/sentiments that are written exclusively to order. If you are a card designer with a small business or a manufacturer of Christian greeting cards looking for Christian wording to complement your greeting cards or Christian gift products, all you need to do is email me with your request. As the purchase rates differ amongst the designers and manufacturers, the price of the greeting will be agreed upon by "negotiation" with each individual designer/manufacturer.
Each greeting comes with the "front text", "insert text" and a matching "scripture". These sentiments can be widely used on multiple card designs, and also on any crafts & ornamental gifts you create, but please carefully read the Terms of Use below - before making your request.

Terms of Use for Exclusive Greetings:

I. Once purchased, the "Exclusive Christian Greetings" & 'Exclusive Christian Sentiments' are yours to use as you please in many varied ways, e.g. greeting cards, note-cards, gift tags, stationery and also for crafts and giftware - such as: posters, postcards, plaques, framed pictures, calendars etc...But there are just a few conditions that still need to be adhered to, such as:

II. You must keep my copyright notice with all the greetings you use:
Greeting Cards - copyright placed on the back
Crafts/Giftware - copyright placed on the front

III. You do not need to use the (front) text of the greeting on the card if you don't want any text on the front.

IV. You cannot change the wording, which includes adding/deleting words or rearranging the words - you must leave the greetings/sentiments as they are. You also cannot 'mix' the words of the greeting/sentiment with your own words or the words of somebody else.

V. The only exception to any 'word changes', is when the American Card Designers (who sell their cards/products to the American market), need to make changes from the "British Spelling" to the "American Spelling", eg. mum to mom - but changes from "British Spelling" to "American Spelling" are the only changes!

VI. For crafts & giftware, minor personalization can be added to complement the greeting/sentiment, eg. for a Wedding or Baby greeting/sentiment the couples names or the baby's name (or some other personalization), can be added onto the craft/giftware itself, but the names/personalization cannot be inserted into the actual greeting/sentiment.

VII. When using either the 'Front' text or the 'Insert' text on any craft/giftware you create, my copyright still needs to be kept with the text that is used.

VIII. I will write "Two Versions" of the same greeting (where applicable), with the "I" and "We" or the "Me" and "Us" changed, so you have a choice of using just the single version or both versions of the same greeting. This gives your customers a choice of whether they want the greeting with "We" or "I" etc...The price includes the "Two Versions".

IV. Please allow me at least 2 weeks for the composition/editing of the greeting/sentiment. I like to take my time over each greeting to make sure it is just right - so please bear this in mind when placing an order and make allowance for the time.

X. The cut off date for placing an order at the end of the year is the 15th December - as schools break for summer holidays in November/December. I will take orders again in the first week of February (when the schools resume for the year).

XI. The greeting/sentiment you purchase can be used on multiple card designs, crafts & giftware you create with 100% profit going to you.

XII. The price of the greeting/sentiment is agreed upon by negotiation and is only a 'one-off payment' for the lifetime usage of the greeting that you purchase. You will be emailed the invoice (through PayPal), for the greeting/sentiment the same day I email the zip file of the greeting/sentiment. Payment must be made within 5 business working days. If I don't receive payment, I will have no choice but to place the greeting/sentiment on the website for others to purchase, so then it will no longer be exclusive to you and you won't have permission to use it.

XIII. When placing an order, please be descriptive with details of what kind of greeting/sentiment you want, e.g. Baby Dedication for a boy or girl, Wedding Greeting, Birthday Greeting etc...Give your company/online business name/url, Your name, make sure your email is correct and is not blocking 'new contacts'.

XIV. The kind of greetings/sentiments I write are mainly in the occasions I have categorized on this site. If your request falls into a category you don't see here, I may not write for that occasion, e.g. Halloween, St. Patrick's Day (because I don't know what it's about), Baby Christening etc... However, there are some categories I don't have here which I will write for if requested, e.g Housewarming, Church Welcome, Valentines etc...

XV. The greetings/sentiments absolutely cannot be part of a collection for 'on selling'. The exclusive greetings I write (including the other greetings on this site), that are sold to card designers/manufactures are for the purpose of creating greeting cards and giftware only.

Updated: 11th May, 2017

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